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Vimcal is the world’s fastest calendar,
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Meet your scheduling assistant

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Find times in 1 tap

Scheduling for large groups can be a disaster. Let Vimcal AI do the heavy lifting to find the best times for you and your team.

Magically display mutual availabilities

When someone sends you a list of times to meet or a Calendly link, simply throw it into Vimcal and we'll show you all the times you're free.

GPT-powered dossiers

Go into meetings with full context without doing any research. Vimcal will provide AI-powered summaries on all your guests, right in the invite.

"Vimcal, call it Superhuman for calendar, new favorite productivity tool."

Dick Costelo

Even more to love

Do Not Disturb Mode

Cover your calendar with a beautiful backdrop, pomodoro timer, and ambient sounds when it’s time to get into flow.

Be a better people person

Social profiles and company dossiers for everyone you meet with, so you can be on top of your game.

One view

Coordinate across all your work and personal accounts, in one unified calendar. No more flipping tabs and booking on the wrong account.

Meet your executive assistant, disguised as a calendar.