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The world's fastest calendar, beautifully designed for a remote world
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The fastest way to share availabilities

Sending booking links is impersonal. Typing out slots is tedious. Vimcal gives you the best of both worlds, packaged directly into your calendar.

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What our users say

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"@Vimcal, call it Superhuman for calendar, new favorite productivity tool"

Dick Costolo

"...I got onboarded onto @vimcal yesterday and can confirm it is absolutely incredible.

Night and day difference from any cal app I've used, very obviously worth the price.

Maybe it's "Craftsman-SaaS"

Tools that take users seriously"

Conor White-Sullivan

"I just got onboarded to @vimcal and I'm blown away.

Easily the best calendar I've used. They've also solved the awkward calendly link handoff.

Alex MacCaw

Designed for a remote world

With teammates and clients around the globe, it can be a headache coordinating across time zones.

In Vimcal, you can pull up the time zone for any city in the world to make complex scheduling a breeze.

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Lightning fast everything

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You're a busy person, so our goal is to get you in and out of your calendar as quickly as possible.

You can do everything in Vimcal using hot keys and quick commands. You can even schedule meetings using plain English.

your calls

The calendar has become the launchpad to all our meetings. Instantly launch into your next call with one click, regardless of the platform.

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Meet your executive assistant, disguised as a calendar app.

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