The world's fastest calendar

Vimcal is the world’s fastest calendar, designed to give you back control over your time

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The fastest way to share availabilities

Sending booking links is impersonal. Typing out slots is tedious. Vimcal gives you the best of both worlds.

Lightning fast everything

You can tell Vimcal to do anything using hot keys and natural language.

Your AI Scheduling Assistant

Let Vimcal AI get you 99% of the way there. Just confirm the options laid out for you.

Start saving
3 hours per week.

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The best mobile calendar. Period.

Vimcal iOS is the most powerful mobile calendar ever designed for work and school.

No more mental math for time zones

Pull up any time zone in the world just by typing the city.

Even more to love

Be a better people person

Social profiles and company dossiers for everyone you meet with, so you can be on top of your game.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Cover your calendar with a beautiful backdrop, pomodoro timer, and ambient sounds when it’s time to get into flow.

One view to rule them all

Coordinate across all your work and personal accounts, in one unified calendar. No more flipping tabs and booking on the wrong account.

What our users are saying

Dick Costelo

Former CEO, Twitter
"Vimcal, call it Superhuman for calendar, new favorite productivity tool."
Conor White-Sullivan
CEO, Roam Research
"I got onboarded onto Vimcal yesterday and can confirm it is absolutely incredible. Night and day difference from any cal app I've used, very obviously worth the price. Maybe it's "Craftsman-SaaS" Tools that take users seriously"
Alex MacCaw
Founder, Reflect & Clearbit
"I just got onboarded to Vimcal and I'm blown away. Easily the best calendar I've used. They've also solved the awkward calendly link handoff."
Prukalpa Sankar
"Been using Vimcal for a few months now and love it! This has saved me at least 20 mins a day!"

Meet your executive assistant, disguised as a calendar

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