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executive assistants

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90% faster availabilities

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It takes 77 clicks to find available times and create holds until you get a response. Just 8 with Vimcal.

One tab for
each executive

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Declutter your calendar with separate spaces for each person you schedule for. Zoom accounts just work out of the box.

Photographers have Photoshop. Salespeople have Salesforce.

EAs now have Maestro.

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No more mental math for time zones

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Coordinate across multiple time zones without breaking a sweat.

Polls designed for groups of all sizes

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Off-sites, board meetings, sales calls — the larger the group, the more time you save.

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"I'm now probably saving an hour a day on otherwise meaningless activity. That alone makes Maestro worthwhile."

Nicole Schafer
EA @ Protocol Labs

"Maestro simplifies my job, saves me time, and streamlines my work. The event template makes scheduling repeat events effortless, and the availability feature is a big help when booking anything with multiple people in or outside of our company."

Kristy McDonough
Ops Lead @ Perfect Venue

"Acknowledging every person’s time zone in an email is daunting and tedious. Maestro has made it effortless."

Joelle Paban
Founder @ EA Direct Connect

"There are dozens of calendar tools out there but at the end of the day, they just do it better.”

Eryn Anatavi
Founder/CEO @ Sapphire Partners

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Turn messy schedules into a beautiful symphony

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Turn messy schedules into a beautiful symphony

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