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Vimcal allows users to log into Zoom and quickly create Zoom meetings. You can do this inside the Vimcal web app or the Vimcal desktop app.

1. Click this link To use Vimcal inside the browser
2. Click this link to download the Vimcal desktop app
3. Click this link to download the M1 version of the Vimcal desktop app

1. To connect your Zoom account, go to cmd + k -> conferencing settings
2. Click "Login Zoom" and follow instruction to log into Zoom
3. Log into Zoom
4. Now, when you create an event, you can simply select Zoom in the drop down menu and the event will be reflected in your Zoom account.

1. Log into your Zoom account and navigate to Zoom App marketplace
2. Click manage -> installed apps or search "Vimcal"
3. Select "Vimcal" and click "uninstall"

You can also uninstall directly inside the Vimcal app. Press cmd + k (or ctrl + k on windows) -> update conferencing and press the "Log out" Zoom button.

Further questions:
If you have any further questions, please email us at aloha@vimcal.com.
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