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Meet Slots - The fastest way to send availabilities

Why choose Vimcal?

Handpick different
times for different people

Being able to offer different Slots of times to different people lets you have full control of how you prioritize meetings.

No more surprise meetings

When you use a permalink like Calendly, you set your weekly availability once and those times are bookable every week after. You may want meetings at 3pm this Tuesday but want to do deep work at the same time next week. However, someone with your link can book either if they’re open. This means you can’t protect your calendar without constantly digging into the settings.

With Vimcal Slots, you’re subconsciously designing your week how you want it in the act of dragging your availabilities. The times you drag are times you get to keep for yourself. You’ll never get a surprise meeting at a time you didn’t want ever again.

Don’t risk being rude

Telling someone to pick a time on your Calendly link is like pawning them off to your robot assistant. Unfortunately, the reality is that most external meetings have a power dynamic — one person has something the other person wants. 

When scheduling an investor pitch meeting, it’s okay for the investor to send a booking link to a founder, but it can come off as rude if the founder sends one to the investor. Slots neutralizes this “awkward Calendly link handoff” without losing any of the speed or convenience.

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Dick Costelo

Former CEO, Twitter
"Vimcal, call it Superhuman for calendar, new favorite productivity tool."
Conor White-Sullivan
CEO, Roam Research
"I got onboarded onto Vimcal yesterday and can confirm it is absolutely incredible. Night and day difference from any cal app I've used, very obviously worth the price. Maybe it's "Craftsman-SaaS" Tools that take users seriously"
Alex MacCaw
Founder, Reflect & Clearbit
"I just got onboarded to Vimcal and I'm blown away. Easily the best calendar I've used. They've also solved the awkward calendly link handoff."
Prukalpa Sankar
"Been using Vimcal for a few months now and love it! This has saved me at least 20 mins a day!"

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